Architecture and interior design tailored for you!

My goal as an architect is to translate your needs and dreams into space and material using a uniform design language while reflecting the educational vision and the environmental context.

Constructing an architectural programme

I believe a smart design begins with profound comprehension. Before we begin, I study your needs and desires. Designing for children and teenagers requires seeing the bigger picture – on one hand they have their own wishes, but on the other, in the long term what suits them today may no longer suit them tomorrow. Therefore, designing their space should reflect the present while leaving flexibility for the future.

It’s vital to understand during the first phases what is the budget framework you intend for the project. Defining that is crucial for understanding which components of the design can be achieved within the limitations.

The educational and environmental context: the architecture is intended to create a unique experience adapted to the space, time and educational values you wish to uphold.

Performing an accurate early assessment is imperative for composing a precise architectural programme that is tailored specifically to your needs and will save you a considerable amount of time and money.

Integrated architecture and design

A practical architectural design of the space that translates your needs and desired into several schematic alternatives and later becomes a detailed design.

‘God is in the Detail’, in the architectural and interior design that speak with a common architectural language, in the architectural plans, in meticulous designing that follows the construction laws, standards and regulations, in 3D modeling that is an integral part of the work flow and in detailed bill of quantities and specifications.

Contract administration and inspection

High level architectural supervision during the entire construction period, finding original solutions for challenges that pop along the way during the project.


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