Photographer: Arthur Drigant

La petite




96 sqm


Haifa, IL

The owners wanted to update their rental apartment in order to make it appealing to younger tenants. Their objective was a breath-taking renewal on a tight schedule and specific budget. 

The Project was planned in collaboration with Tal Lerner. As the dwelling’s infrastructures were aged and obsolete, it was clear from the beginning that one prioritization would be replacing them. 

In addition, the flow of the apartment was utterly renewed, with the living room, kitchen, and dining room designed as a single, broad, open space, allowing for the interplay of light and air, and creating far more spaciousness within the home. 

The aged, narrow bathrooms were updated to become bigger and more comfortable, with larger windows letting in a lot of natural light. 

In selecting the finishing materials and design style, it was decided in collaboration with the owners that the design line would be calm and peaceful colors and spaces, with bolder palettes and patterns in the bathrooms