Photographer: Arthur Drigant 

A Day At
The Beach


Educational Facility


35 sqm


Haifa, IL

This project was very challenging, both budget-wise and also in terms of the time-frame, with a goal to redesign two areas at the Preschool.


The teacher told me that the Preschool’s children desperately needed a quiet area. The new design therefore created “A Day at the Beach,” a tranquil refuge offering a variety of relaxing options, and that also encourages children to view reading as a fun activity.


  • Reading Area – I view architecture and design as an opportunity to provide a variety of experiences to children. Their teacher had told me that she yearned for a quiet area in which children who need a break from the hustle and bustle of their daily lives could simply be in quiet: sitting, lying down, thinking and dreaming. She also thought this would be a great opportunity to show the children that books are fun.
  • Play Area – The play area, previously pale, unattractive and uninviting to children, was redesigned using bright colors in a timeless, classic design. Existing furniture was reorganized so it was more accessible to the children. The entire space was transformed into a happy inviting place for children that play by themselves or in groups.

Some of the children that come here aren’t even three years old, and they need a quiet area where they can sit and relax. If you could combine that with encouraging them to read, that would be great!